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LED Light Rejuvenation

LED therapy returns your skin to a more youthful state – firmer,
with a smoother texture, fewer fine lines, and a more radiated even skin tone

Harness the healing power of light for a total skin rejuvenation solution. Smartlux LED Light Therapy is comfortable and effective, no downtime and genuinely dramatic results. The deeply penetrating and soothing LED lights are ideal for treating; ~ fine lines and wrinkles ~ uneven skin tone ~ active acne ~ rosacea ~ broken capillaries ~ aging skin ~ improving radiance mood & energy ~ SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

Rejuvenate your face and feel better too!  These LED lights are nicknamed the happy light as they trigger the release of serotonin, your feel good hormone. With the Smartlux LED photo-rejuvenation machine you not only have more LED diode lights packed in to the large lamp, but the technology delivers more energy achieving the results you desire faster.  Typical treatments are fast and effective, lasting between 10 to 20 minutes.

The different colours, are used to treat various skin problems. Blue light treats acne, Red light is anti-ageing and

Infra-red is healing. With the Smartlux machine we are able to combine both red and blue or red and infra-red and so on for a faster more customised treatment. 

Photo-rejuvenation stimulates collagen production, collagen keeps the skin elastic. It also encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. So, in effect, LED therapy returns your skin to a more youthful state – firmer, with a smoother texture and fewer fine lines.  

By increasing your cells internal functions, LED Light Therapy will induce faster healing making it the perfect treatment to combine with your other recommended skin treatments. 

One thing I recommend to my clients is combining LED with Rejuvenation therapies or traditional facials for maximum results. These treatments complement each other brilliantly.  We are seeing fantastic results from LED photo-rejuvenation therapy supplemented by daily use of high-concentration vitamin C serums. These can be applied in the morning for a full day's antioxidant protection against skin-damaging free radicals.

One thing hasn't changed: Beautiful skin is as much about prevention as about treatment. LED Light Therapy is a great step forward, in that it excels at both.

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